Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Did you Suffer a Spinal Cord Injury and Need an Atlanta Attorney?

Our Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys Work Hard to Gain the Compensation You Deserve

The spinal cord contains some of the most important nerves in the body, which regulates many processes in addition to allowing us to move our limbs and fingers. When a spine suffers damage due to a motor vehicle accident or physical abuse, the effects on your life can be both serious and permanent.

Stephen D. Apolinsky and our Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys have successfully gained compensation for individuals who sustained serious injuries to their spine. This work includes securing a $338,800 settlement for our client who suffered several herniated discs that required surgery after a car crashed on her property. We understand the overwhelming pain and suffering that comes with a spinal cord injury. If you have been hurt, our firm will work to get what you and your family need to begin moving forward from this life-altering event.

The Serious Effects of a Spinal Cord Injury

Due to its central role in running the body, any damage to the spinal cord can significantly impair a person’s life. Spinal cord injuries can result in:

  • Personality changes
  • Immense pain
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Loss of sexual function
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • Paralysis

Individuals affected by spinal cord injuries may find it difficult or impossible to return to work. In severe cases, individuals with spine injuries may need around-the-clock medical care and physical assistance. The stress, emotional turmoil and financial strain stemming from the spinal cord injury can also take an immense toll on the physical and mental health of the victim’s family members. Spinal cord injuries can also lead to the death of a loved one.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the yearly cost of a spinal cord injury to be close to $30,000. Over a lifetime, victims may pay up to $3 million in medical expenses, therapy and lost wages.

I Have Suffered a Spinal Cord Injury. What Can I Do?

If you believe that the actions or inactions of another person caused your spinal cord injuries, you may have legal options to hold the reckless party that caused the auto accident or truck accident responsible for your injuries. Legal recourse is also possible in the event of catastrophic accidents involving construction, defective products and injuries suffered on dangerous property.

Victims of catastrophic injuries, which include spinal cord injuries, may be able to obtain several types of compensation. For those suffering from a spinal cord injury, these cases often focus on the long-term effects as well as the individual’s ability to continue working and lead an independent life. Your Atlanta spinal cord injury attorney will work with you to fight for damages that can help pay for hospital costs, the loss of future earning potential and any in-home care that may be required.

Our Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys Represent Victims

As leading spinal cord injury Attorneys in Georgia, Apolinsky & Associations, LLC offers free and confidential consultations to those interested in more information about their legal rights after a spinal cord injury. With experience obtaining millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, contact our lawyers to learn about our ability to help those injured because of the negligent actions of another person, employer or business.