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Have You Experienced a Negligent Boating Accident in Georgia? Get Help From an Atlanta Boating Accident Attorney

If you have been seriously injured as a result of a boating accident, or a loved one faced injury or death, contact Atlanta boating accident attorney, Stephen Apolinsky, a locally-trusted and highly experienced personal injury attorney.

When individuals have been injured as a result of a boating accident in Georgia, we examine all details of the accident to determine liability. In many cases of boating accident negligence, the operator may have been intoxicated and acting recklessly. In other cases in which parties have recovered compensation is by marine equipment failure or product defects contributing to the accident.

At Apolinsky & Associates, LLC, our  personal injury team will collect compelling evidence and witness statements in pursuit of your boating accident lawsuit. We have helped a number of clients win personal injury claims and receive the compensation they deserve.

When Georgia Boating Accident Victims Deserve Compensation

Given the nature of boating and the unpredictability of Georgia’s rivers and lakes, boating injuries can result from many different instances.

Many people assume some degree of risk when they go out on the water. And yet, frequent situations of boating accidents are often results of a negligent operator. In many cases in which negligent boating operators are held responsible for another person’s injury or watercraft include some of the following circumstances.

  • Impacting a fixed object, such as a dock, pier or bridge
  • Overloading and overcrowding a boat
  • Colliding with other watercraft
  • No knowing marine laws and navigational rules
  • Operating at a high, unsafe speeds
  • Defective watercraft design or repair
  • Ejections from the boat due to improper operation
  • Operating a boat in adverse and dangerous weather conditions
  • Negligent contact with propellers
  • Failing to keep a lookout while a guest is being pulled behind the boat

These are just some of the circumstances in which boating accident victims earn compensation from their lawsuit. To to get a better understanding about the legality of your Georgia boating accident case, consult with Stephen Apolinsky to start building your legal strategy.

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When individuals experience serious personal injury matters like boating accidents, Atlanta attorney Stephen Apolinsky offers a high degree of experience and a successful track record in helping clients get fair compensation for their case. With over 32 years of experience, and recognized as a Top 100 Trial Attorneys in Georgia, Stephen Apolinsky offers the legal expertise you need for your boating accident lawsuit.