Atlanta Truck Accidents Attorney

Atlanta Truck Accidents Attorney

Injured in an 18 Wheeler Trucking Accident in Georgia or Alabama?

Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Stephen Apolinsky Fights for Victim Compensation

Atlanta truck accident attorney Stephen D. Apolinsky has tried more than 75 car or truck accident cases over the past 32 years. Steve has taught law at Emory Law School, Oglethorpe College, and has lectured and written articles about personal injury cases. He was even invited to appear on Texas Justice, and he has been interviewed by the Atlanta Journal & Constitution and Court TV.

If you have been involved in a personal injury involving a commercial truck accident, then you should consult with a truck accident lawyer. Likewise, if you have been injured in a serious auto accident, Apolinsky & Associates, LLC has the legal capacity and expertise to help. You may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries by bringing a legal claim against the responsible parties if you or a loved one was involved in an accident with a commercial truck or if you were in a car wreck.

Truck Accidents Remain Far Too Common in Georgia

According to data collected and published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), large commercial truck crashes accounted for 3,964 fatalities and 95,000 injuries in the United States in 2013. To be sure, 157 of those fatal accidents occurred in the state of Georgia alone. Many thousands more people in Georgia suffered devastating, even life-altering injuries in commercial truck accidents.

Tired Truck Drivers: What are Georgia Trucking Regulations?

Commercial truck accidents occur for a variety of different reasons. Though, one of the biggest safety problems on our highways is fatigued truck drivers. Unfortunately, the big trucking companies often put drivers on the road who are under very tight delivery schedules, thereby encouraging them to get behind the wheel when they are too tired to drive safely. Fatigue may cause drivers to lose their focus on the road or, even worse, to doze off behind the wheel. However, when an industry generally pays its drivers by the mile, the incentive is to push the driver’s levels of tolerance. The state of Georgia has adopted the federal interstate trucking regulations that limit a truck driver’s service time.

If you were hurt in an accident with a fatigued truck driver, an Atlanta truck accident lawyer at the law firm of Apolinsky & Associates, LLC can help you understand the complex state and federal regulations governing commercial truck drivers. As a member of the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLAmerica), Stephen D. Apolinsky has particular interest and experience in the nuances of commercial trucking accidents in Georgia and Alabama. His track record of success, including recovering over $35 million dollars for the families and individuals injured or killed demonstrates his experience in the field.

Commercial Trucking is Governed By Complex Federal Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), established on January 1, 2000, serves to improve roadway safety by regulating the activities of the commercial trucking industry. The two key safety areas addressed by FMCSA regulations are hours of service rules and drivers daily logs.

Commercial Truck Drivers Hours of Service Rules

In an effort to combat driver fatigue, the FMCSA enacted a federal regulation limiting hours of service. In general, the regulation prevents commercial truckers from logging more than 10 consecutive hours or 11 cumulative hours in a single day. Similarly, current laws prohibit commercial truck drivers from logging more than 60 hours in any rolling 7-day period. In addition to the federal hours of service rules, commercial truck drivers may also have to comply with certain state regulations.

Truck Drivers Daily Log

To make sure that commercial truck drivers are adhering to state and federal hours of service regulations, they must maintain logs that track detailed information about the amount of time they spend behind the wheel. Authorized government inspectors may inspect logs at any time to see if drivers comply with the hours of service regulations. Drivers who violate the rules may be fined or place out of service.

Injured Truck Accident Victims Must Take Immediate Action

If you or a family member was hurt in a truck accident, you should take immediate action. Trucking companies will hire investigators immediately to collect evidence and talk to witnesses.  To level the playing field, you should have someone acting on your behalf as soon as possible.  You need a highly skilled Atlanta truck accident lawyer by your side.

How to Prove Liability for a Commercial Truck Accident in Georgia

The big trucking companies are legally responsible for their drivers and their vehicles. These corporations have a legal obligation to put a safe fleet of trucks out on the road. When trucking companies act in a dangerous manner, whether by failing to properly inspect their vehicles, or by hiring unsafe drivers, they must be held accountable. In order to prove fault, you must establish negligence. This means that you will need to prove that:

  • The trucking company had a duty to look out for your safety;
  • The trucking company breached that duty;
  • The breach of duty can be linked to your collision; and
  • You sustained actual injuries in the truck accident.

To be clear, proving all four of these required factors is not easy. You are going to need to present compelling evidence. This is why it is so important that your personal injury claim is handled by a top-rated Atlanta trucking accident attorney. Your attorney will be able to take the actions that are necessary to get you the money that you deserve.

Commercial Truck Accident Victims Deserve Financial Compensation

After you establish liability, your Georgia truck accident lawsuit can move on to the issue of damages. This is an incredibly important issue, and it is overlooked in far too many cases. Trucking companies are represented by very large insurers.

In some cases, these insurers will focus on doing whatever they can to limit your financial recovery. Getting a full and fair recovery requires proving the full value of your damages with compelling supporting evidence. Our dedicated Atlanta truck accident attorneys have the skills and experience needed to get you the fair financial compensation that you deserve. Specifically, we may be able to help you recover payment for:

  • Emergency room costs;
  • Ambulance fees;
  • All of your other medical bills;
  • Long-term disability
  • Lost wages;
  • Diminished ability to earn;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Loss of limb; and
  • Wrongful death.

Get Help from an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial truck accidents can be very different from automobile accidents. These types of crashes are governed by a complex web of laws that can be used to hold truckers to regulatory standards. If you suffered injuries in a commercial truck accident, you need to work with an experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney.

At Apolinsky & Associates, LLC, our top-rated Atlanta truck accident attorneys have a proven track record of success. We will help you get every penny of financial compensation that you deserve. If you were injured in a Georgia truck accident, please do not hesitate to contact our office today to set up a free, no obligation review of your case.

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