Victim of a Motorcycle Wreck in Atlanta? Make Sure to Tell Your Lawyer These Things

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Motorcycle collisions can leave victims with terrible injuries, some of which are severe enough that they will impair victim’s quality of life for months or years to come, and others which are so serious that the person will never fully recover.

When a motorcycle collision occurs that leaves you injured in Atlanta, it is important that you contact an experienced motorcycle wreck attorney for a free consultation. When you do, be sure to tell your lawyer the following things:

What Happened & Details of the Crash

The sooner that you are able to contact an attorney after you are in a motorcycle wreck, the better. This is because you will want to give your attorney as many details about the crash as you can while the collision is still fresh in your mind.

You should tell your attorney as much as you can remember, including which direction you were traveling, how fast you were traveling, what you were doing at the time of impact, whether or not you saw the vehicle approaching, whether or not you could have done anything to avoid the collision, to whom you reported the crash, whether or not there were any witnesses, and the time, date, and specific location of where the collision occurred.

The Full Extent of Your Injuries

Another very important thing to tell you lawyer is in regards to the full extent of your injuries. While your attorney will gather evidence related to your damages as your case proceeds, you need to tell your attorney as much as you can about what you have suffered.

This includes information about more than just your physical injury; instead, tell your attorney about the medical bills you have incurred, how you haven’t been able to return to work since your injury, and because of this, how you have fears about feeding your family. Add in the fact that the scarring and disfigurement has left you depressed, shy, and uncomfortable going on in public, not to mention that the physical pain you are in prevents you from doing so anyway.

The point is, you deserve to be compensated for all of your damages, not just your physical injury. Be sure your attorney knows what you are experiencing on a financial and personal level.

Whether Or Not You Could Be at Fault

Even if you believe that the motorcycle wreck was mostly the fault of the other driver, you need to tell your attorney whether or not there is anything that you did that could have contributed to the collision. This is important because you want your attorney to be able to defend you against allegations of fault if they are brought up by an insurance adjuster. This is also important because, under Georgia law, your damages will be reduced if you are found to have contributed to the crash.

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