Property Owners Could Be Accountable for Violent Assault on Their Property

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When a person is violently assaulted by another at a hotel, in an apartment complex or in an office building, the effects can be traumatic. From physical injuries to lasting emotional scarring, a violent assault is a very serious crime.

In addition to pursuing criminal charges against the assaulting party, the victim of a violent assault may also be entitled to seek compensation from any party whose negligence contributed to the assault.  This includes the owner of the property where the assault occurred who may be held liable for the violent assault and resulting damages if their negligence contributed to the assault.

Types of Violent Assault and Related Damages

Types of violent crimes and related damages include:

Damages may include past, present and future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future earnings, physical pain and suffering as well as mental pain and suffering.

Why Might a Property Owner Be Held Liable?

A property owner might be held liable when the property owner failed to take steps to prevent foreseeable crime.  This may be due to a lack of security or due to a lack of adequate security.  What is “adequate” security varies case to case.  Some places have a greater threat of crime than do others.  Some common types of security that can prevent against crimes like violent assault and are typically considered reasonable include:

  • Working locks on doors, such as entryways to apartment buildings;
  • Security cameras;
  • Fences;
  • Proper lighting;
  • Secure entry gates;
  • Security guards;
  • Emergency buttons; and even
  • Metal detectors.

If a property owner fails to take steps to deter crime, then and this results in an assault, then a jury may hold the property owner liable in civil court. For example, consider a condo or apartment building that is located in an area where violent crime has been reported in the past. The building has an entryway door with a cheap, easily breakable lock, a lack of lighting out front, and no security guard. A tenant within the building is a victim of a violent assault.  Clearly, the assault would likely not have happened had proper security measures been taken – like better lighting and a more secure lock – to prevent the intruder from entering in the first place.

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