Our Atlanta Law Firm

Our Atlanta Law Firm

Atlanta Law Firm Overview

Over the years, the attorneys at Apolinsky & Associates, LLC have worked with many injury victims and their families. When the bills start adding up or an injustice occurs, our clients turn to our Atlanta law firm for legal advice and personal support during difficult times. Whether you need to speak to about the negligence of a truck driver or if you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer, we are here to help. If your loved one was killed, you need an attorney who has the compassion, experience, and dedication to give your case the attention that it deserves. We also have associations with experts in various fields to support our clients’ cases.

Atlanta Law Firm Practice Areas

The Atlanta law firm of Apolinsky & Associates, LLC assists clients in various personal injury matters. Practice areas include:

  • Nursing home abuse and neglect –An Atlanta nursing home abuse attorney from our firm will work with you to determine if the injury your loved one suffered while residing in a nursing home was due to the negligence of a nursing home staff member.
  • Car and truck accidents –If you have been injured in a severe accident involving a motor vehicle, an Atlanta accident attorney from our firm can help you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.
  • Catastrophic Injuries –Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys help victims of catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and spinal cord injuries.
  • Wrongful death –An Atlanta wrongful death attorney from our firm understands the pain your family is experiencing and is dedicated to helping you determine who was at fault.
  • Sewer leaks and storm drainage –The Atlanta attorneys at our firm are experienced in cases involving sewer leaks and storm drainage and can help you receive compensation for medical damages and emotional distress.
  • Premises liability –An Atlanta premise liability attorney at our firm can assist those who were injured on a residential or commercial property, including slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Banking errors –Our Atlanta banking error attorneys help clients who have been victims of banking errors.
  • Dog Bites –An Atlanta dog bite lawyer can help determine who is responsible for your injuries. In many cases, the owner may be aware of the dangerous tendencies of their animal and act in violation of their duty to protect the public.
  • Termite damage –If you have experienced termite damage, it is important to speak with an Atlanta termite damage attorney who is experienced in handling these disputes.

Our personal injury, nursing home abuse and neglect, wrongful death, auto accident, and catastrophic accident attorneys in Atlanta are here for you. If you have suffered from an injury and would like to learn what steps you should take next, contact Apolinsky & Associates, LLC today.