Vanessa Malone – Apartment Complex Negligent Security Wrongful Death Case

About Vanessa Malone Wrongful Death Lawsuit vs. Hampton Village Apartments

On October 23, 2012 young Vanessa walked to Hampton Village Apartments to visit friends.  As she approached the apartment, she noticed that an armed robbery was occurring.  As she tried to flee, she was shot, dragged into the apartment, shot again and killed. Apolinsky & Associates, LLC vigorously represented the family and determined that the absentee owners failed to provide adequate security to prevent the crime from occurring. To date, the crime has not been solved, but the case has been resolved to the family satisfaction.

The following video was produced at the direction of Stephen D. Apolinsky.  If you happen to know any details about the murder, then I encourage you to write me at or call me anytime on my cell phone at (404) 512-9191.