Victims Represented in Other Cases

Educator with Alzheimer’s (Two Cases)

A mother and grandmother developed early onset of Alzheimer’s. She suffered a mini stroke and as she was moved from her bed to a wheelchair, the attendant dropped her causing a closed head injury. The case involved complex medical issues because of her pre-existing health condition. Months later, when she was in a nursing home, she developed severe decubitus ulcers. Combined, the family recovered over $1,000,000 because of Apolinsky & Associates, LLC.

Young Boy Suffers Catastrophic Injury

Young Jason was injured when his cast was removed.

Catastrophic Injury Case

Traumatic Head Injury

Delivery man suffered a closed head injury when milk crates crashed upon him.


Premises Liability Involving Unmarked Obstruction at Philips Arena

Bob Harris, voice of the Duke Blue Devils, tore his rotator off when he tripped and fell over an unmarked obstruction while leaving Phillips Arena.  Bob is best known for calling Christian Laettner’s shot to win a NCAA Basketball tournament game over Kentucky.

Personal Injury to Runner Hit By Car Failing to Yield

An executive was running on a Sunday morning in 2013 when she entered an intersection and was struck by a car that failed to yield. She suffered serious injuries including broken bones in her leg, dislocated fingers and severe bruises and scratches. She was represented by the Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Apolinsky & Associates, LLC.

Premises Liability/Negligent Security at Apartment Complex

Zarate v Sinclair Apartments. A family was attacked in the early morning hours and were physically injured and traumatized by the events of what happened.

Catastrophic Injury Involving Negligent Security

Martin v. Six Flags jury verdict of $34.6 million. We represented Martin’s friend who was also brutally attacked. Shortly after the Martin trial, our case was resolved confidentially.