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Car Totaled But Not at Fault? Here’s What To Do

car totaled but not at fault

Although all drivers have a responsibility to use reasonable caution behind the wheel, Georgia auto accidents occur when one least expects. Not only do these collisions put you at risk of severe injury or death, they can put motorists at financial and legal jeopardy too. It’s a smart idea for all drivers to recognize their… Read More

Have You Suffered a Major Injury from a Car Crash?

car crash attorney georgia

Every year in the state of Georgia, hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur. Many of these car accidents result in injuries – the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reports that in 2015, there were 19,405 serious injuries from car accidents reported, and nearly 1,500 fatalities. There is nothing that can truly compensate someone who… Read More

Injury Insurance Claims for Motor Vehicle Accident Damages

motor vehicle accidents claims

It is the job of insurance adjusters to make claims disappear for as little money as possible. Insurance professionals are highly trained and experienced at doing this, and they have a tremendous advantage over victims who try to negotiate the complex world of insurance claims on their own. There is no question that getting a… Read More