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Why Consult a Sexual Assault Lawyer After Experiencing Rape or Sexual Trauma?

Why Consult a Georgia Sexual Assault Lawyer After Experiencing Rape or Sexual Trauma

Survivors of rape and sexual trauma in Georgia have two types of legal action they can pursue: Civil justice and criminal justice. The two are entirely separate processes with different proof burdens and goals, but they may stem from the same act or series of acts.  State prosecutors will be responsible for pursuing criminal justice… Read More

A Time for Action: Your Guide to Suing for Wrongful Death in Georgia

Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorney

The only immediate certainty when you lose someone to a sudden wrongful death is that life will never again be the same. Suing for wrongful death in Georgia won’t change that fact. However, it can save you from drowning financially. It’s also a means holding responsible parties accountable for careless, reckless or intentional actions that… Read More

Premises Liability/Negligent Security: Overview of Your Rights

Premises Liability Negligent Security Legal Rights

Every day you read in the news how someone is shot, stabbed or beaten at an apartment complex or at a business office. Those victims rely upon our criminal justice system to hold the perpetrator of the crimes accountable for their actions. In order to get just and fair compensation from the management entities (the… Read More