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Are You a Victim of Sexual Assault?

victim sexual assault

Sexual assault is a very serious crime. In Georgia, acts of sexual assault occur all-too-frequently, and recently reported that in Atlanta, the number of rapes in the city has doubled from a year ago. These acts of sexual assault and rape can affect men and women, and may occur in private and public areas. If… Read More

Is Your Parking Lot Safe?

parking lot safe

Parking lots may not be pretty to look at, but for those who drive, parking lots are an essential structure type. But parking lots, while they may be useful, also have the potential to be dangerous. To be sure, EHS reports that 500 deaths a year occur to drivers and pedestrian in parking lots and parking… Read More

Negligent Security Cases in Georgia: Know Your Rights

Negligent Security & Inadequate Security Cases in Georgia

Are you Victim of Injury Due to Inadequate Security? We know your safety is important to you, at home, at the office, even on vacation; you want to feel safe and not have to worry about the possibility of an attack or robbery due to negligent security. Property managers and owners are not insurers of… Read More