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Injury Law Insights: Is It Premises Liability or Negligent Security

Negligent Security Premises Liability

Those who own and control property in Georgia have a legal responsibility to exercise care to protect those invited on site from unreasonable risk of harm. This includes things like keeping walkways clear and dry, repairing holes in the parking lots, making sure items on store shelves are safely stacked and stairways are in reasonably… Read More

Were You Injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

injured uber lyft accident atlanta georgia

In recent years, ridesharing has become a popular form of transportation in the Northern Georgia and all around the globe. Far and away, Uber and Lyft are the two most prominent ridesharing companies that are currently operating in the Atlanta metropolitan area. While these services can offer convenient and affordable transportation options for commuters, public… Read More

What Is Pain and Suffering?

what is pain and suffering

When a person is injured as a result of the wrongful or neglectful acts of another, they can bring forth a civil action against that party for damages. The injured party has the right to seek damages for the full extent of the harm they suffered, which typically includes compensation for economic losses like the… Read More

Stages of Pressure Ulcer or Bedsore

stages of bedsores

Pressure ulcers, also called bedsores or pressure sores, are serious injuries. Caused by reduced blood flow to the skin as a result of constant pressure, bedsores are especially common amongst nursing home patients and others who are immobile. The severity of pressure sores are described in stages, with stage one being the least severe, and… Read More

Did You Fall and Injure Yourself at a Hotel?

hotel slip and fall injury

Hotels hold the promise of serving as relaxing getaways, often complete with workout facilities, pools, and spas. But hotels are just as at risk of becoming the site of an accident as are other types of properties, and perhaps even more so when poorly maintained. If you are someone who has fallen and been injured… Read More

Were You Robbed at the Mall?

mall robbery lawyer Georgia

Being robbed is a very scary experience, especially when the robbery includes some form of assault (remember, assault does not necessarily mean making physical contact) or the display or use of a weapon. In addition to the obvious losses that a robbery can result in, ranging from personal items to jewelry to cash and more,… Read More

Are You a Victim of Breaking and Entering?

breaking and entering atlanta

Having your home or vehicle broken into can be a terrifying experience, particularly if you are within the dwelling at the time of the criminal’s entrance. If you are a victim of breaking and entering, the criminal system is not the only way to seek justice; our Georgia personal injury attorneys can help you learn… Read More

Making Sure a Claim for Benefits Has Been Filed With Your Healthcare Insurer

Many of our clients are victims of automobile or trucking collisions and end up going to the hospital emergency room to get treatment for their injuries.  The hospital might ask you about your health insurance, but usually, once they learn you were in a collision, they don’t file the claim with your health insurer.  They… Read More

What is the Benefit of Hiring a Lawyer with Trial Experience?

lawyer trial experience

Whether you are the victim of a gun shot, stabbing, or rape, you should hire a lawyer and law firm with lawyers who have been in court and have trial experience.  Lawyers with trial experience usually are more respected by insurance companies and insurance claims representatives are more likely to offer you just and fair… Read More

Are You a Victim of a Parking Garage Shooting?

parking lot safe

Parking garage shootings aren’t common, but they do happen in the state of Georgia. And unfortunately, shootings in Georgia are on the rise – an article in reveals that as of May 2015, gun deaths in the state of Georgia had increased by eight percent over the past decade. As if that’s not enough,… Read More