Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Representing Victims

Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney: Legal Counsel for Injury Victims

If you or a loved one has become a victim of a injurious car accident, consult with Atlanta car accident attorney Stephen Apolinsky. As an experienced auto accident lawyer who is adept it in personal injury and catastrophic accident cases, has helped car accident victims find both closure and compensation as a result of their traumatic experience.

Atlanta car accident lawyer Stephen D. Apolinsky has tried more than 30 auto accident cases. When individuals have been injured as a result of an car accident in Georgia, the specialized legal services of Apolinsky & Associates, LLC, are here to help. Spanning from cases involving commercial 18-wheeler tractor trailer accidents to routine car collisions, Stephen Apolinsky and his legal team offer the high-degree of legal expertise to handle your automobile accident claim.

Understanding Georgia’s Car Accident Statute of Limitations

Under Georgia’s statute of limitations any lawsuit arising from a car or truck accident or injury must be filed within 2 years (Ga. Code Ann. Sec. 9-3-33). Based on this auto accident statute of limitations in Georgia, if you try to file your lawsuit after the 2 year window, the court will, in most cases, refuse to hear it and you’ll lose any right of getting compensated for your injuries.

Based on this Georgia statute of limitations alone, it’s best to take legal action regarding your auto accident as soon as possible. At Apolinsky & Associates, LLC, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers take the time to collect evidence and witness statements in pursuit of your car accident lawsuit. We research and investigate all details of the accident to better construct a winning case. We have a history of success helping many Georgians receive compensation from personal injury claims involving catastrophic automobile accidents.

Consult With Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Stephen Apolinsky

When individuals experience serious personal injury matters like injurious car or truck accidents, Atlanta attorney Stephen Apolinsky provides professional legal counsel based on a track record of building cases that result in desirable outcomes. With over 30 years of experience and recognized as one of the Top 100 Trial Attorneys in Georgia, Stephen Apolinsky can provide the legal expertise you need for you car accident lawsuit.