Atlanta Law Firm Testimonials

Atlanta Law Firm Client Testimonials

“Due to a personal injury, a friend recommended the law firm of Apolinsky & Associates, LLC.  His recommendation was so positive that I contacted Mr. Apolinsky right away.  After several phone conversations, I was sure that I had the right firm to handle my case.

Steve Apolinsky was a true professional in every way. He briefed us on what to possibly expect, and it was ‘spot-on.’  We couldn’t have asked for any better treatment. I hope I never have to endure a situation like this again, but, if I do, my first call will be to Apolinsky & Associates, LLC.”

– Bob Harris, broadcaster for Duke basketball and football for better part of 35 years

“I went to Apolinsky & Associates, LLC not even knowing if I had a case when my daughter was murdered at an apartment complex. Steve and his entire staff showed me such caring and support throughout the process.  They made our family feel like we were their family.  I highly recommend if you are ever in need of a wrongful death lawyer that you contact Steve because they are very considerate of your feelings and got us a settlement that was more than expected.”

– Flora Malone, mother of Vanessa Malone, who was shot and killed at an apartment complex

“My 25-year-old son was bludgeoned to death by a co-tenant. Steve Apolinsky not only did an outstanding job in getting fair compensation for the loss of his life, but his firm was of tremendous help to my family in our time of need. They helped us understand how to set up an estate, how to negotiate bills and how to distribute assets. We would be lost without them. If a crisis arises, Steve is the first person I would call.”
– Gaye G.

“My 72-year-old mother suffered several decubitis ulcers on her thighs and buttocks while she lived in a nursing home. The people at the facility told me that the ulcers were not unusual, but after I hired Steve Apolinsky, I learned that the facility had a history of not properly caring for its patients. Steve was able to prove that the orderlies failed to properly care for my mom and the lack of care lead to the ulcers. Steve was terrific; calm, in control, and forceful when necessary.”
– Elizabeth C.

“I was involved in an automobile accident and injured my lower back. Steve Apolinsky was my lawyer and he did a masterful job in court. The jury awarded a fair amount for my injuries. The lawyers and staff at Apolinsky & Associates, LLC really care about the clients and are great at what they do.”
– Anthony T.

“A neighbor’s dog bit my seven-year-old daughter. Steve Apolinsky and his firm investigated the case and discovered that the dog had bitten others in the past. We were prepared to go to trial when the insurance company made us an offer that was more than fair. There are other lawyers who handle these cases, but if you want a lawyer who is smart and will work for your best interest, contact Apolinsky & Associates, LLC.”
– John W.

“I live in a subdivision where my house was damaged by storm water runoff. Steve Apolinsky explained the law, aggressively pursued a claim against the developer and was able to resolve the matter to my satisfaction. Apolinsky & Associates, LLC is a professional organization that will fight for your rights.”
– Ms. Green, former President of a Dekalb County Homeowner’s Association

“We are very grateful for all of the hard work you and your staff have done. Thank you very much.”
– Dennis C.

“You guys exceed expectations continually.  Thank you so much for your fine work on the Jones case!  It has been a pleasure working with you.  I hope to work with you again soon! :)”
– Robert