Atlanta Aviation Accident Attorney

Atlanta Aviation Accidents Attorney

Helping Victims of Aviation Accidents In Georgia

If you or someone you know has been involved in a serious aviation accident, consult with Atlanta aviation accident attorney Stephen Apolinsky. As an experienced and locally-trusted catastrophic injury lawyer with a track record of success winning personal injury lawsuits, Stephen Apolinsky has helped accident victims find both closure and compensation as a result of their traumatic experience.

When individuals have been injured due to an airplane accident or other aviation-related circumstance, our specialized legal services are here to help. Spanning from cases involving commercial airlines and airports here in Atlanta, Georgia to aviation accidents involving private or passenger planes, we have the expertise to handle a wide spectrum of aviation accident lawsuits.

Specialized Legal Counsel for Aviation Accidents

When a major commercial airline accident occurs, Stephen Apolinsky and Apolinsky & Associates, LLC can represent many families with claims related to the same accident. Unlike a class action lawsuit, we dedicate specialized legal teams to work with each client and their family.  All of aviation accident clients receive the same caliber of legal counsel and personalized service.

At Apolinsky & Associates, LLC, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys take the time to collect compelling evidence and witness statements in pursuit of your aviation accident lawsuit. We research and investigate all details of the accident to better construct a winning case. We have a history of success helping many Georgians receive compensation from personal injury claims involving catastrophic accidents.

Aviation Claims Beyond Airplane Accidents

Aviation accidents arise from many possible occurrences. In addition to traumatic airplane accidents that result in serious injury, or death, legal circumstances can occur in a wide range of settings.

  • Commercial Aviation Accidents – This a broad category that defines airplane accidents involving commercial airlines.
  • General Aviation Accidents – Contrary to commercial airline accidents, general airplane accidents involve small or private aircraft.
  • Airport Accidents Accidents – Often the result of poor equipment and airport terminal maintenance, airport accidents are common during boarding and disembarking aircraft.
  • Helicopter Accidents – Whether corporate, private, sightseeing, or air ambulance helicopters, helicopter accidents are commonly resolved with legal counsel.
  • In-flight Aviation Accidents – Among the worst possible causes, in-flight accidents occur when passengers are injured during flight.

Consult With Atlanta Aviation Accident Attorney Stephen Apolinsky

When individuals experience serious personal injury matters like aviation and airplane accidents, Atlanta attorney Stephen Apolinsky provides professional legal counsel based on a history building winning lawsuits. With over 32 years of experience and recognized as one of the Top 100 Trial Attorneys in Georgia, Stephen Apolinsky can provide the legal expertise you need for you aviation accident lawsuit.