3 Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

Most Dangers Intersection in Atlanta, GA

It’s not random chance that certain intersections are more dangerous than others. The three most dangerous intersections in Atlanta are those with confusing layouts, odd angles and high-speed traffic.

Georgia car accident attorneys know that intersections are complex, dangerous places, where 50 percent of all urban crashes and one-third of those in rural areas occur. With nearly 7 million licensed drivers in Georgia – not to mention the thousands of out-of-state visitors and travelers and the fair number who drive unlicensed, opportunities for collisions are ample almost anywhere in the state.

The reason intersections are so dangerous is because each one is a point of planned conflict with two or more vehicles – entering, exiting, turning, and passing through. Factor in human error, and the risks become plain.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

Based on data from more than 600 intersections throughout the Atlanta metro area, the Atlanta Journal Constitution published its conclusion of the most dangerous intersections in the city, each with well over a dozen crashes each in a single year. Those were:

  • Memorial Drive and N. Hairston Road in Stone Mountain – A total of 22 crashes were recorded at this intersection.
  • Stone Mountain Highway and East Park Place in Stone Mountain – A total of 20 crashes were recorded at this intersection.
  • Panola Road and Covington Highway in Lithonia – A total of 19 crashes were recorded at this intersection.

It should be noted that not all crashes are reported to police, so these likely represent the most serious among them. Officials with the Atlanta Regional Commission’s traffic researchers opined suburban drivers are often traveling at higher speeds than those moving through the packed streets of Atlanta, leading to more crashes.

There are in fact many factors that lead to Atlanta intersection crashes.

Dangers at Atlanta Intersections

In urban areas like Atlanta, there is often a mix of vehicle and transportation types including rideshare vehicles, motorcycles, semi-trucks, pedestrians and bicyclists.

The dangers of this traffic mix are further heightened by drivers who are distracted, careless, fatigued, or even impaired.

Common causes of intersection crashes include:

Wrong Assumptions of Other Motorists’ Actions

Failure to signal or distraction can contribute to misjudgments about what other drivers are about to do. This can lead one thinking they can safely turn or proceed without concern, when in fact it’s dangerous to do so.

Turning While View is Obstructed

Visibility at an intersection can be obstructed. It’s difficult to see all vehicles entering, exiting, or turning into an intersection. But when that happens, the risk of collision is heightened.

Unlawful Maneuvers

Using the wrong lane to turn, running a red light, turning left on red, turning right on red at a “rolling stop” – all of these can cause a crash.

Driving Distracted

Seemingly innocuous actions by distracted drivers can be deadly at an intersection, including:

  • Texting
  • Applying makeup
  • Reaching for a snack
  • Changing the radio dial
  • Talking to a friend in the car or on the phone

Seek the Help of an Experienced Georgia Car Accident Attorney

Crashes in general can be complicated events to unravel, and there is rarely a single, obvious cause. As long-time Atlanta car accident lawyers, we know what’s necessary to successfully negotiate with auto insurers or, if necessary, take a case to trial.

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