If I Live in an Apartment Complex and I Am Shot or Physically Attacked, Should I Hire a Lawyer?

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Living in an apartment complex can sometimes present unique challenges when it comes to tenant safety. So many people living so near one another, and guests of visitors coming and going, can sometimes lead to acts of crime or violence being committed against others who live in the apartment complex.

Assault, battery, stabbings, sexual offenses, and shots being fired are all acts of violence that are typically experienced by apartment complex tenants. These types of crimes can be highly traumatic experiences, and you are likely suffering if you have been the victim of one of these crimes. Anyone who is victimized by a physical attack or a shooting in their Georgia apartment complex needs to consult with an experienced lawyer immediately.

Who Can Be Held Liable if An Apartment Tenant Suffers Physical Harm?

Who can be held accountable if someone physically attacks or shoots you when you are in your apartment complex? How are you supposed to know what to do, or how to get compensation for your injuries and medical expenses? Depending on the specific circumstances involving your attack or shooting, a number of different parties could be held accountable. It is important that you contact a Georgia negligent security lawyer in order to get a full understanding of your rights and what legal options are available to you.

In Georgia, there is no requirement that landlords guarantee the safety of their tenants from crimes committed by third parties. However, if the landlord, be it ownership and or management has knowledge that crime is a problem in the apartment complex, and yet does nothing to promote the safety of the tenants, then they may be held accountable for harm suffered by tenants or their guest due to the crimes committed by a third party after being alerted to previous criminal activity.

Upon having notice, a landlord is required to take steps to prevent future crimes from happening to the tenants of the apartment complex. Failure to take safety precautions can expose the landlord to negligent security claims made by tenants who have been victimized by crime committed in the apartment complex. Examples of safety measures that a landlord can take to promote security of the tenants can include acts such as installing security cameras around the apartment complex, improving the lighting around the complex, installing or locking security gates, putting up perimeter fencing, or hiring security guards to conduct patrols of the complex grounds.

If you have been physically attacked or shot while in your apartment complex, or a loved one has died due to a physical attack or being shot in their apartment complex, you need to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to learn your rights under the law.

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