Can an Atlanta Lawyer Represent Someone Who Is Injured in Alabama?

can an atlanta lawyer represent someone injured in alabama

Pursuing Out-Of-State Negligence Claims

If you live in Atlanta, but are injured in a different state, like Alabama, you may be wondering whether or not a Georgia lawyer can represent you in pursuing a claim for damages. The answer is that it depends upon the residence of the defendant, and whether or not the attorney you hire is licensed to practice in the other state.

I Live in Georgia But Was Injured in Alabama – What Do I Do?

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit following an injury, the general rule is that you must file your lawsuit with the courthouse in the state where the defendant lives. This means that if you were injured while working or traveling in Alabama, and the defendant who caused you harm also resides in Alabama, you must file your lawsuit in Alabama. In the same vein, if you were injured in Atlanta, but the defendant lives in Alabama, you must file your suit in Alabama. This is true even if you do not live in Alabama.

Can My Atlanta Lawyer Represent Me If I’m Suing Someone in Alabama?

The good news is that even though filing a lawsuit against someone who lives in another state may be a bit tricky, there are no laws that prevent an attorney from being licensed in more than one state; in fact, in some cases, states even offer reciprocity, which means that there are no additional criteria for obtaining a license to practice law after obtaining one license and being in good standing. If an attorney is licensed to practice by the bar associations of more than one state, they can do so. However, if your attorney is not licensed to practice law in Alabama, then they cannot represent you during your civil suit – you will need to find an Alabama-licensed attorney.

The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney Who Is Licensed in Two States

The benefits of hiring an attorney who is licensed in two states, specifically when you live in Atlanta but want to file a lawsuit against someone in Alabama, are myriad. An attorney who is licensed in two states can:

  • Provide insight into both state’s laws and your legal options for moving forward;
  • Assist you in filing your lawsuit, ensuring that a summons is served, and more in the other state;
  • Provide you with in-person legal representation and services despite the fact that you are pursuing litigation elsewhere; and
  • Engage in negotiations with the defendant and the defendant’s insurance despite state boundaries.

Licensed to Practice in Georgia and Alabama

At our Atlanta-based personal injury, premises liability, and negligent security law firm, we are proud to say that not only are we very experienced and competent in the law, but that our Atlanta personal injury attorney holds a dual license, and is therefore able to practice law in both Georgia and Alabama. If you are an injury victim whose injuries occurred in Alabama, but you are currently living in Georgia, do not hesitate to contact our law firm today. You can reach our talented team online, or by calling our offices and requesting a free consultation by phone today.

The foregoing answers are not legal advice and are merely a general overview. You are advised to consult a lawyer to address your specific situation regarding your situation. For more information or to inquire about a free consultation, contact the experienced Atlanta injury attorneys at Apolinsky & Associates at (404) 377-9191 or send us an email.


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