Were You Injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

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What to Know About Your Rights As a Victim of a Ridesharing Auto Accident

In recent years, ridesharing has become a popular form of transportation in the Northern Georgia and all around the globe. Far and away, Uber and Lyft are the two most prominent ridesharing companies that are currently operating in the Atlanta metropolitan area. While these services can offer convenient and affordable transportation options for commuters, public safety officials have raised some questions. Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing companies have a duty to ensure that they only allow safe drivers and well-maintained vehicles on their platform.

Unfortunately, Uber and Lyft accidents do occur in Georgia. For victims of these types of crashes, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do next. Ridesharing is governed by a complex web of regulations and intersecting insurance policies.

At Apolinsky & Associates, LLC, our highly qualified Atlanta car accident attorneys have a deep understanding of the safety and insurance regulations that control Uber accident and Lyft accidents. If you or a loved was seriously injured as a passenger in a ridesharing accident, or if you were injured by a negligent Uber/Lyft driver while in another vehicle, we can help. Please contact a member of our Atlanta Rideshare Accident Attorneys today for an immediate review of your case.

Protect Your Rights: What You Need to Do After an Uber/Lyft Accidents

1. Seek Professional Medical Help

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle collision, you need to get yourself to a medical professional for an in-depth evaluation. Simply put, car accident injuries are often far more severe than they initially seem. You may have serious whiplash or a major concussion even if you do not immediately realize it. You should always get yourself checked out, even if you believe that your injuries are only ‘moderate’. Beyond your safety, you will not be able to file an Atlanta car accident injury lawsuit unless you have seen a doctor.

2. Report the Accident to State or Local Police

Under Georgia state law, an auto accident should be reported to state or local law enforcement officers if there was an injury or there was more than $500 in total property damage. Technically, the drivers who were involved in the crash have the legal duty to report the accident to the police. However, as an Uber/Lyft passenger, you have a strong interest in ensuring that a police officer actually gets to the scene of the wreck. The accident report may prove to be an important form of evidence in any future legal case you bring.

3. Report the Crash to Uber or Lyft

If you were involved in an accident as an Uber passenger or a Lyft passenger, you should report your collision to the corporate office. This can be done by calling the ridesharing company or filling out an accident form through your ridesharing application. In the event that you have any difficulty reporting your accident, or if you seemingly cannot get Uber or Lyft to take your personal injury claim seriously, you need to speak to a lawyer without today. Your lawyer can hold these large companies accountable.

4. Consult With an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Following a major crash, you should not go through the accident claims process all on your own.  This is especially important for ridesharing passengers. Uber and Lyft are major companies that are represented by large insurance providers. You need to be sure that your claim is being handled fairly. Our top-rated Atlanta car accident lawyers can help.

Ridesharing Accident Victims Deserve Full Compensation

Under Georgia state regulations, injured ridesharing accident victims have a legal right to seek full compensation for their injuries. This means that victims can seek money for any direct financial losses as well as for their noneconomic damages. Sadly, in practice, getting that compensation can be difficult.

Uber, Lyft, and their insurance companies are known to take an aggressive stance when defending personal injury claims. You need to be ready to fight for your legal rights. Victims should be represented by a skilled Atlanta car accident injury lawyer who can protect them and present a compelling legal claim. If you were injured in an Uber accident or if you were injured in a Lyft accident, our law firm can help you seek money for:

  • Emergency room fees;
  • Hospital bills;
  • Rehabilitative treatment;
  • Required medication;
  • Required medical equipment;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Lost income, including diminished earning ability;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Loss of limb;
  • Loss of life enjoyment; and
  • Wrongful death.

Understanding the Insurance Policies of Ridesharing Companies

When ridesharing companies first started operating in the state of Georgia, there were relatively few regulations. To help ensure the protection of consumers, the Georgia state legislature passed public safety and insurance regulations into law in 2015. Specifically, under the law Georgia now requires all ridesharing companies to ensure that their drivers carry at least $1 million in commercial insurance whenever there are passengers in the vehicle.

If you are an Uber passenger, then you should be protected under Uber’s commercial insurance policy. Likewise, if you are a Lyft passenger, then you should be covered by that company’s commercial insurance policy. Simply put, for passengers, the ridesharing company is primarily responsible for providing insurance coverage.

Passengers will typically not need to file any claim under the individual driver’s personal liability policy. Though, as there can always be some gaps in coverage or disputes about the insurance coverage, it is imperative that injured victims are ready to seek legal guidance. If you were injured as an Uber or Lyft passenger, you should never be left on the hook to pay for your own medical bills.

What If You Were In Another Vehicle?

If you were involved in a crash with an Uber or Lyft driver, and you were not a passenger at the time of the accident, whether you were in another vehicle or you were a pedestrian, you can still bring a legal claim. However, it should be noted that these types of claims become more complex. The standard commercial insurance policies that are carried by Uber and Lyft may not be implicated in this type of claim.

That being said, the ridesharing businesses also generally carry contingent policies that may be implicated. As such, you may still have a legal claim against Uber or Lyft. Alternatively, depending on the specific circumstances of the case, you may have a claim against the individual Uber or Lyft driver’s personal insurance policy. You should speak to an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney who can review the specific circumstances of your case and help you assess what to do next.

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At Apolinsky & Associates, LLC, our top-rated Atlanta car accident lawyers have extensive experience handling complex ridesharing accident cases. If you or a loved one was hurt in an Uber accident or a Lyft accident, our legal team can help. Please do not hesitate to call our law firm now to request a free review of your personal injury claim. From our offices in Atlanta and Decatur, we represent injured victims throughout the region, including in Cobb County, DeKalb County, and Fulton County.

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