Were You Robbed at a Shopping Mall in Georgia?

Robbed at Shopping Mall in Georgia

What to Know about Mall Robberies in Georgia

Being robbed is a very scary experience, especially when the robbery includes some form of assault (remember, assault does not necessarily mean making physical contact) or the display or use of a weapon.

In addition to the obvious losses that a robbery can result in, ranging from personal items to jewelry to cash and more. Moreover, depending on the level of violence used in the encounter, a robbery can also have emotional and psychological effects on a person or may result in serious injuries for the victim, including:

If you are robbed at the mall in Georgia, you may have grounds for legal recourse, and not just against your assailant. Here’s what you need to know.

Injuries and Damages That Stem from a Mall Robbery

If you are robbed at the mall, whether within the mall, on mall grounds, or in a mall parking lot, you could suffer:

  • Property losses;
  • Physical injuries if assault and battery are involved; and
  • Psychological injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

These injuries can be costly. In addition to the obvious economic damages, such as the value of your property and the costs of any medical care that you require, your physical or psychological injuries may prevent you from being able to return to work for a time being, resulting in lost wages. These injuries may also cause physical pain and suffering, and emotional anguish.

Who Is Liable for Damages Sustained in a Mall Robbery?

If you are robbed at the mall, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries in full. While you can definitely turn to your health insurance company for help affording your medical bills, you may also be able to bring a civil claim against the at-fault party. Potentially liable parties could include both the person who assaulted you and the owner of the property (mall) where the assault occurred.

The mall owner/property manager may be liable for your damages when the property owner should have acted in a manner to prevent the robbery from occurring, and failed to implement reasonable security measures. For example, if the mall is located in a dangerous area of Georgia, or if robberies or other crimes have occurred on mall grounds or surrounding areas in the past, it may have been reasonable for the property manager to:

  • Install security lighting;
  • Provide video monitoring of the area; or/and
  • Place a security guard on the grounds.

The above list offers just a few examples of reasonable security measures, although it is not inclusive. If the mall owner/property manager failed to take reasonable steps to prevent against the robbery, you may be able to hold them liable under the theory of negligent security.

Contact a Georgia Negligent Security Attorney Today

If you have been robbed at the mall, you may be able to bring forth a personal injury suit against the assailant, and file a negligent security claim against the party responsible for managing the mall. Our Georgia negligent security attorneys can help you understand your right to bring a negligent security claim, and will aggressively represent you throughout the process. Schedule a free case consultation online today to learn more.

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