What is the Benefit of Hiring a Lawyer with Trial Experience?

lawyer trial experience

Injured Victims Need Experienced Attorneys

Whether you are the victim of a gun shot, stabbing, or rape, you should hire a lawyer and law firm with lawyers who have been in court and have trial experience.  Lawyers with trial experience usually are more respected by insurance companies and insurance claims representatives are more likely to offer you just and fair compensation before your case is even presented to a jury.  In addition, jury trials are expensive and, usually, law firms who try cases have the financial resources to invest in experts and investigators to ensure you receive a fair and just award of compensation.

Filing A Lawsuit Is Just The First Step

Filing a lawsuit and trying the case are like planting a seed or eating the ripe fruit.  Many people do not understand that filing a lawsuit is just the first step towards successfully resolving a case.  After suit is filed and the defendant had filed an answer, the parties engage in discovery that takes months and sometimes years.  Often motions are filed to narrow issues or to try to throw your case out of court.  Only then does your case proceed to trial.

What Will Your Attorney Do In Court?

The trial lawyer then needs to take the information uncovered over the past months or years and then present it in an orderly fashion to a jury.  While your lawyer will tell the jury to give you money to compensate your injury, the defendant’s lawyer will tell the jury it was not his/her client’s fault or that you should only be awarded a fraction of the money your lawyer asks the jury to award.

Why You Need An Experienced Trial Lawyer

If you don’t hire an attorney with trial experience, you may end up paying a fortune for legal services and court fees only to see a small return in actual compensation that you’re paid. You want to work with an attorney who knows the civil court system like the back of their hand, and is confident in their ability to aggressively advocate for you.

Our Attorneys Have The Expertise that You’re Looking For

The lawyers of Apolinsky & Associates, LLC are seasoned trial lawyers. The foregoing answer is not legal advice and is merely a general overview. You are advised to consult a lawyer to address your specific situation. Feel free to send comments or questions to: steve@aa-legal.com of Apolinsky & Associates, LLC, or call (404) 377-9191.

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Stephen D. Apolinsky is a Personal Injury Attorney who specializes in representing individuals and families concerning wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases. Stephen is licensed to practice in Georgia, Alabama, and the District of Columbia. With over 33 years of experience representing personal injury victims, Stephen has successfully tried over 80 cases to verdict before judges or juries, and has negotiated over 300 cases to out-of-court settlements. Stephen has been recognized as a Georgia Super Lawyer, and as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association.