Shatton Industries Against JW Edwards, Frontier Holdings & Ann Harris for $3 Million

U.S. District Court Verdict in Favor of Shatton Industries, Ltd. vs. JW Edwards, Frontier Holdings and Ann Harris

Shatton Industries Ltd. is a turnkey project undertaker that engages in humanitarian (health centers and educational institutes) and infrastructure projects (water and energy) in Africa and other developing countries.

Shatton was approached and introduced in 2006 by two lawyers (in Australia and UK ) to fund, through a trust company, part of their humanitarian project for the supply of fresh water and electricity to remote and poor villages in Africa. Shatton was asked to invest into the humanitarian projects $1,000,000.00. The money was sent to Citizens Bank and Trust for a US Trust company, Frontier Holdings – managed by JW Edwards and. Ann Harris (“The defendants”).

It was confirmed to Shatton that the Trust company involved with humanitarian and charity projects had funds on their account from their financial activities as well as from various charity organizations. The defendants offered to provide Shatton with $8,000,000.00 to carry out the above humanitarian project in Africa. In return, the defendants agreed and signed a contract agreement with plaintiff to use their experience and managerial skills to manage and supply field medical clinics to remote and poor tropical areas in the Philippines. Shatton was assigned to execute such projects (on a non-profitable basis). A contract agreement was signed to this effect.

Later, it was discovered that the funds were mismanaged by the defendants. The project did not take off and the deposited funds due Shatton were not returned back despite numerous demands.

Shatton filed a claim against the Trust company; the Directors of Shatton appointed the law firms of Apolinsky & Associates, LLC as well as Arnall Golden & Gregory, LLC to pursue the recovery of their deposit and investment plus the resulting damage to Shatton. Shatton was awarded $3,000,000.00 ($850,000.00 from Frontier Holdings/JW Edwards and $2,150,000.00 from Mrs. Ann Harris). The Court rulings were issued in February and June of 2009 respectively. The amount will be paid into Shatton’s account after selling the appropriate assets of the defendants.

Additionally, criminal charges are pending against defendant Edwards for this and other unauthorized investment schemes.