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Why Consult a Lawyer After an 18-Wheeler Accident in Georgia?

18 wheeler accident in Georgia

U.S. trucking companies employ some 3.5 million drivers who operate some 15.5 million trucks – roughly 2 million of those being 18-wheelers. These powerful rigs fuel our economy, but these highway behemoths are extremely dangerous.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports there were nearly 4,900 fatal large truck and bus crashes in 2017, a… Read More

Recover Fair and Just Compensation for Your Car Wreck

How much is my Georgia car accident case worth

Most claims for personal injury damages aren’t won in any dramatic courtroom verdict. Instead, they’re secured in the form of a settlement. Sometimes, Georgia car accident settlements are the result of extensive negotiation. Other times, it isn’t even necessary to file a lawsuit before the claim is fairly resolved. In either scenario, if you’re concerned… Read More

Injured at Work in Georgia? What You Need to Know

frivolous lawsuits

According to the Georgia Occupational Health Surveillance Report, an average of 75,000 on-the-job injuries occur within the state each year. Unfortunately, many of these injured workers simply do not know what to do after an accident. This can put their legal rights at risk. It is critical that all injured workers are able to protect… Read More