Six-Figure Catastrophic Injury Settlement Reached in Industrial Pressure Vessel Explosion Case

Equipped with a precise animation, Georgia attorney Stephen D. Apolinsky, of Apolinsky & Associates, secured a six-figure settlement on behalf of his injured client. The Plaintiff was working when an industrial pressure vessel exploded, causing serious injuries. Prior to the incident, new material was welded to the lower surface of the lid ring in attempts to make a repair to the vessel. In doing so, the lid became too thick for the vessel to lock properly. As a result, the pressure vessel did not completely seal and exploded, causing serious injuries to an employee at the site.

catastrophic injury lawsuit

Attorney Apolinsky employed DK Global to produce a reconstruction animation of the device itself, showing how the subpar repair led to the explosion. The DK team utilized the incident reports along with expert feedback at each step of the process to ensure a precise animation. With 3D animation and custom graphics, the complex locking mechanism is shown to remove any confusion or misunderstanding about how the device was intended to work. Then, the additional mass on one side of the lid is depicted, along with how that mass prevented the locking device from working properly. The visual presentation supported attorney Stephen Apolinsky’s litigation strategy to attain justice on behalf of his injured client in a significant, but confidential, settlement.

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