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What Defines Catastrophic Injury? 5 Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Most Atlanta personal injury claims deal with injuries that are temporary. Someone is hurt, it has adversely affected their life but they’ll eventually be able to return to typical daily activities without serious long-term complications. Catastrophic injury cases are different.  With a catastrophic injury, the consequences are profound and long-lasting. Such permanent injuries may render… Read More

What is Considered Negligence in a Car or Truck Wreck Case?

What is Considered Negligence in a Car Accident Case

Car and truck wrecks occur in many different ways, but the common thread with almost all of them is negligence. Negligence is when somebody fails to use reasonable care when they had a legal responsibility to do so, causing harm to someone else. Reasonable care is acting as a reasonably prudent person would in the… Read More

How Long After a Wrongful Death Can You Sue?

how long after wrongful death car accident can you sue

When someone you love dies suddenly, it can feel like your whole world has stopped. What’s only just begun, though, is the clock on the wrongful death claim, called the statute of limitations. Statute of limitations means how long do you have to file a lawsuit; it does not have to be concluded, but it… Read More

What is the “Move Over Law” in Georgia?

Georgia Move Over Law Attorney Atlanta

Most of us know that when a police cruiser, fire truck, or ambulance comes barreling down the street, engines blaring and lights flashing, it’s imperative to yield the right-of-way and immediately parallel position themselves as close as possible to the right curb – because lives could be on the line. But our Atlanta car accident… Read More

How Common Are Elder Abuse Cases in Nursing Homes?

How Common Are Elder Abuse Cases in Nursing Homes?

Elder abuse cases in nursing homes are among the most under-reported crimes, with only 1 in 24 cases of elder abuse reported. Underreporting occurs because victims fear their own caretakers, and some may not even be able to verbalize what’s happened to them. Yet elder abuse cases in nursing homes are startlingly common.  According to… Read More

Can You Sue Someone for Physical Assault or Inappropriate Contact?

Can You Sue Someone for Physical Assault or Inappropriate Contact

Most Georgia personal injury cases involve businesses or individuals who hurt someone through their failure to use reasonable care when they had a legal responsibility to do so. But what if someone intentionally harms you?  As our Atlanta personal injury lawyers can explain, there are situations in which you can sue someone for physical assault… Read More

Are All Civil Claims in Georgia Subject to a Statute of Limitations?

civil cases georgia statute of limitations

Statute of limitations is the amount of time you have from when an act occurs until you must file a lawsuit.  The case does not have to conclude by the statute, it just has to be filed.  There are a number of factors that go into the statute of limitations so, if you want to… Read More

How to Sue for Emotional Distress After Being Sexually Abused

how to sue sexual assault emotional distress

Sexual abuse and assault impacts thousands of people in Georgia each year, inflicting not only physical trauma but emotional distress, too. A sexual assault lawsuit – separate from any criminal case proceeding – can help survivors recover damages for the harm caused. Our Atlanta sexual assault attorneys can offer advice on how to sue for… Read More

Cases and Examples of Premises Liability and Unsafe Conditions

premises liability cases examples

Premises liability cases involve legal liability for unsafe conditions on someone else’s property that causes a person lawfully on site to suffer an injury.  In tort law (the civil law category under which premises liability falls), “invitees” are owed the highest duty of care (compared to licensees or trespassers). Invitees are those invited to the… Read More

What Defines Inadequate Security? 5 Examples Worth Exploring

inadequate security parking garage examples

The inadequate security definition recognized by most Georgia courts is the failure of a property owner, property manager, event organizer, or private security firm to ensure a sufficient degree of security so that residents, patrons, guests, patients, students, or other invitees will be reasonably safe from violent crime.  Inadequate security, also sometimes referred to as… Read More