Was a Loved One Murdered? Cases Where You Have a Negligent Security Claim

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There is nothing more shocking than losing a loved one to a violent act of murder. When homicide takes the life of a family member, living life may feel impossible, and you may experience everything from shock to anger to depression. You may also have dozens of questions about why this happened to you and your loved one, what could have been done to prevent the incident, and what you should do next.

While filing a lawsuit against the owner of the property where the homicide occurred is likely the last thing on your mind, our experienced Georgia negligent security lawyers have witnessed how pursuing legal action can provide families of victims of violent crimes with the compensation that they very much deserve.

Do I Have a Negligent Security Claim?

A negligent security claim is a type of civil action filed against a property owner, management company and maybe a security company that alleges that there was a failure to deter the crime from happening.  Negligent security claims may be applicable when the owner of a property or management company fail to:

  • Provide adequate lighting;
  • Equip a building with secure locks;
  • Provide video surveillance;
  • Install security/automatic lighting;
  • Search bags/jackets before allowing individuals to enter a property;
  • Equip the building with a security guard/property manage to monitor grounds;
  • Provide a fence or gated entry way; or
  • Otherwise fulfill their duty to provide a reasonable amount of security to prevent against violent crime.

Security officers or security companies may also be liable if their actions contributed to the crime occurring.

The amount of security that is determined “reasonable” depends upon the type of property and the location of the property. For example, some neighborhoods have a greater risk of violence than do others, and some properties also have a higher risk of treat.

Types of Damages Our Georgia Negligent Security Lawyers Can Help You Recover

If the property owner, property management company or security company are liable for the criminal act that caused a loss of life, then the victim’s family is entitled to damages to compensate them for the loss.  This includes pain and suffering, any cost associated with medical care or burial of the loved one as well as the full value of the lost life.

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Premises liability and negligent security claims can be difficult to understand, and when you have recently lost a loved one, navigating the legal system is the last thing you want to have to deal with. We know that nothing can bring your loved one back or make right the wrong that was done, but we do hope that our lawyers can effectively assist you in recovering the financial compensation you need to continue living.

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